Live in Ler

Norway’s premiere grottonauts, GOAT THE HEAD, are releasing their third full length album STRICTLY PHYSICAL on the 12th of February 2021.

However, in this absurd day and age that we currently live, any possibility of a physical tour or release gig to promote STRICTLY PHYSICAL has been completely RULED OUT. That’s why Goat the Head is inviting YOUR DIGITAL YOU to an ONLINE TRIP to the Norwegian periphery of LER on the day following the album release. As we fortify together inside SOERGARDEN STUDIOS the band will execute a 50 minute set with their own organic blend of extreme metal and hard rock. Performed in the raw. With warts and all. No smoke and mirrors. No flimflam. Live in daylights. One night only!


The concert is FREE of charge.

Film: Juliane Schütz & Uta Freia Beer
Live mix: Per Borten at Soergarden Studio

This event is supported by Trondheim Kommune